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"If I’m lost please don’t find me , If I drown let me sink , We descended from no one with a wink”

Honestly if someone gave me heroine right now I would not hesitate to inject it and get totally loaded. Fuck the dosage I would just see what happened, anything to stop my feelings.


In school, it takes all the words out of us to write an essay, all the neurons to keep us awake to pull off an all-nighter. On the internet, it takes all the tears to receive anonymous hate, all the guts to update a post about yourself. In our generation, most parents only care about the circled ‘A’ written with ink on papers, most peers only care about the ‘A’ list written with popularity standards, but what about the ‘A’nxiety written with razors on skin?

Students who receive their report cards with straight A pluses feel accomplished, yet broken. Broken after all those dead brain cells, empty nespresso tubes and red-bull cans. Students who have troubles keeping up their grades feel the pressure to be better, to do better, or else they will account to nothing in life. Occasionally, we do need a pressure of anxiety to push ourselves; but according to psychologist Robert Leahy, an average high school student in 2014 has the equivalent level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 1950’s
Social Anxiety comes with a belief of never being able to overcome anxieties. This particular anxiety is usually caused because of an increased sensitivity to others reactions and a disapproval of confidence. (Basically others and yourself pulling down your self-esteem.)
It isn’t easy living in our generation infused with high levels of anxiety, but I promise you that there are many things that help tone down the anxieties. Always remember the most important concept is to have a positive mind, believe that everyone (including you) can get through these phases of anxiety. Have a simple or complicated talk with your parents, tell them about what you’ve been going through (as parents it is rather difficult to remember what they felt like in high school, especially how there has been a major change in today’s school curriculum). Take breaks while writing an essay, try drinking strong dark teas instead of coffee to stay up. Browse the internet, go on youtube and search up ‘Social Anxiety’ there will be many inspiring videos, ones that make us cry, learn and appreciate ourselves.
You are never alone when overcoming anxieties, there are billions of humans who are struggling the same, billions of humans who are willing to help you overcome your fears.
Go onto this website 7 cups of tea, here you can talk to someone who cares and is willing to listen through the internet any time of the day. Or you may click here to message me, I’m here for you. We’re here for you.
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